I would use MediaWiki to create a Wikipedia-style site for nursing, midwifery and other healthcare students. The glossary would be populated and edited by students with definitions and critical inquiry around terms and concepts used in health care.

Definitions would draw together the literature and media students come across during their studies, with proper referencing. Students would build inquiry and contextualisation around each term when they encounter it in research papers, the press, popular media and the arts.

The aim would be to develop students’ information literacy, particularly the ability to evaluate and process information from different sources, and locate terminology within different discourses and sociocultural perspectives. Students will learn to handle conflicting information and form a professional and research-informed conclusion. When these skills have developed sufficiently, students may be given formative or summative tasks to evaluate, edit and justify their edits to pages on the main Wikipedia site.

These skills bring digital citizenship and professional leadership and ethics together so that healthcare graduates will not only bring critical decision-making skills to their practice but play an active part in public health education. When controversy, confusion or disagreement exists in the public health sphere, e.g. around vaccination, infant feeding, unproven cancer “cures”, students will be able to play a positive and impartial role in presenting and balancing the facts and choices, based on the quality and reliability of sources.

Shared by: Liz Hudson
Image Credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash